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About us

Providing quality Ballroom, Latin and Social dance instruction since 2009.


American Classic Ballroom strives to offer the best ballroom dance instruction. We are an independently owned studio focused on the artistry, technique and expression of dance.
Our professional instructors teach in a supportive, fun and pressure-free environment. Our goal is to see people dancing, and loving dance, just as much as we do! 
Front Desk Hours:
Monday - Friday
3:00pm - 7:00pm
Private Lessons available throughout the day by appointment only
Available by appointment only

Our Instructors

Paul Botes

Owner & 

Master Instructor

Natalie Botes

Owner & 

Master Instructor

What students are saying...

I have been commuting weekly from north central Wisconsin for over 4 years with other Wisconsin students for private lessons with American Classic Ballroom and compete on the  Pro-Am Dancesport circuit with Paul Botes.  I chose American Classic Ballroom after competing against their students and always losing.  I admired Paul’s presentation of his student (regardless of their students age, ability, demeanor on the floor).  Paul’s ease of grace, elegance, classic style, individual choreography for each student, patience, humbleness, and sense of humor all while dancing like Fred Astaire with Ginger Rogers around the dance floor was jaw dropping.   His patience through each lesson and detailed analysis of the how’s and why's I need to do this or that is amazing. Regular weekly coaching classes with Natalie Palmer Botes have been the icing on the cake.  Natalie Palmer Botes pays great attention to detailing and choreography, creating the females part of styling and elegance in movement.   Her patience and ability to teach this old dog new tricks is always a pleasant surprise and has greatly improved my competition placements and ability to move ahead.  My weekly lessons are always fun, a great workout and I have great admiration for their talent to teach at such a high level.  Truly a class act team of professionalism in all areas..…the best in my opinion. 
-Barbara Pease

I really appreciate Angella's patience with me.  I am learning so much more than ever before.  Her clarity and encouragement helps me so much with my dancing.
-Sylvia Elftmann

Greg and I started taking lessons from Paul Botes five years ago.  When we first met Paul, he was instructing a group class.  We noticed how smooth his gait was—He seemed to glide across the floor.  Greg knew at once we had to have Paul as our instructor.  He has brought us very far.  We started out as bronze dancers and are now beginning the Champion levels.  He is fun, patient, and does not stop using innovative ways to get us to understand what he wants us to learn.  He has worked us through some plateaus, which were very frustrating at the the time, but now we are so glad we stuck with it.  We would recommend Paul if you are a beginner or a more advanced dancer.
-Susan & Greg Prasch

My husband CJ and I take weekly dance lessons with Paul at American Classic Ballroom and we love it.  Paul and his studio have become a huge part of our lives. Paul is able to explain steps to us in any way it takes to ensure we understand, and I really appreciate his flexibility in teaching us.  He patiently tries any number of alternative methods; when we are struggling or frustrated, he is ever more encouraging.  He has the challenge of teaching us our steps individually, but also how to dance as a couple and relate to each other as partners.  Paul has a sense of humor that spills over into everything he does and makes our lessons fun.  He has helped us find that balance of challenging ourselves to improve without being overwhelmed at what we don't know yet.  We get superlative dance instruction in a beautiful environment, from an instructor who loves what he does.
-Lauri & CJ Hurst

Dance lessons with Natalie at ACB are great, we're learning to dance and having fun! It is good for the body, the brain and the marriage!!

-Tad & Wendy Weiss

PAUL BOTES - Owner & Master Ballroom Instructor

Paul has been a professional ballroom dancer since 1988, following his first career as a Major in the South African Air Force. With his partner, he studied with World-Class coaches and competed in Europe and North America. Paul's students have received numerous United States, Ohio Star Ball and World titles. Paul enjoys teaching both amateurs and professionals who really want to learn the theory and mechanics of dance and are interested in improving the quality of their dancing.

NATALIE BOTES - Owner & Master Ballroom Instructor
Natalie has always had a passion for dancing, even at the young age of 3 when she first started taking ballet classes. When she found Ballroom at age 17, she knew she was hooked! Professionally, she has competed successfully in the Standard and Smooth divisions, both nationally and internationally. Highlights from her competition career have been placing well at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival in England, becoming a finalist in the Rising Star Standard division of the Ohio Star Ball and winning Professional Standard events at such competitions as the Twin Cities Open, Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships and Colorado Star Ball. She currently competes professionally in the  American Smooth style. She loves teaching and is thrilled to teach and coach in all styles.